How to upgrade the WooCommerce plugin from FREE to PRO?

Our WooCommerce plugin comes in two different version

  • FREE - which is great for basic scenarios and testing
  • PRO - that provides much more complete solution in terms of eCommerce events coverage

You can learn more about specific details in the plugin reference.

If you have been testing FREE version and would like to proceed with an upgrade please ensure that you do the three following steps:

1. Deactivate FREE version

Before activating the PRO version ensure that the FREE version is disabled. Otherwise those two can get into a conflict.

2. Install and configure the PRO version

Install and activate the PRO version, you can follow this guide for details.

3. Upgrade presets

In order to leverage the PRO version you also need to download and import the Advanced presets that support all the eCommerce events. Please check out this guide for details.

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