GTM for WooCommerce Plugin Reference

Detailed information about plugin requirements, supported eCommerce events and properties.


These are basic requirements that needs to be present in order to make the plugin work.

WordPress version 5.1.0 - 6.0.0
WooCommerce version 4.0 - 6.6.1
PHP 7.2 - 8.1

Frontend Events

These are all supported events that are being tracked by the WooCommerce plugin for classic Google Tag Manager web container from the browser. Please note that some events may not be tracked correctly in all scenarios depending on your theme configuration.
Event name Plugin version Description Properties
view_item_list PRO When list of products is viewed by user. It can be category product listing or related products on single product page.
  • value
  • items
select_item PRO When a product is selected (clicked) in a products list.
  • value
  • items
view_item PRO When a single product page and details are viewed.
  • value
  • items
add_to_cart FREE (PRO improves support for variable products) When a product is added to a cart. Can happen on a list or single product page.
  • value
  • items
remove_from_cart PRO When a product is removed from a cart on a cart page.
  • value
  • items
being_checkout PRO When first checkout page is visited.
  • value
  • items
purchase FREE (PRO prevents events duplication) When an order confirmation page with transaction details is visited
  • value
  • transaction
  • items


These are all properties that are supported by the plugin and tracked for the events documented above.


Property name

item_name Product name
item_id Product id (WooCommerce internal id, can be changed to SKU - learn more here)
price Product price (one item)
quantity Quantity of products (applicable to cart, checkout and purchase related events)
Property name Description
transaction_id Unique transaction id assigned by WooCommerce
affiliation WooCommerce shop name
value Total transaction value including tax and shipping (applicable for purchase event only)
tax Amount of tax for the transaction if any.
shipping Amount paid for shipping service.
currency Currency of the transaction.
coupon Promotional coupon code if used.
Property name Description
value Total value of all items considered for given eCommerce event (all events with items array except purchase where value is computed differently - see above).
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