How to serve GTM Web container from Server container?

This is preset for GTM Server container. It allows the GTM Web container JS files to be served from custom subdomain.

1. Download & Import the preset

Login to your server GTM hosting:

Then navigate to Server Container and click setup next to your server container:

Open GTM Presets and click Download

Then import the file into GTM workspace as described in this guide.

2. Set GTM Web container ID

One the preset is imported find Variable called GTM Web Container ID and make it point to your web container:

3. Publish

After deploying this new preset you can publish new version of the GTM Server Container. From now the Server Container can serve GTM and GTag JS files.

4. Adjust GTM Installation snippets

In order to make it live end-to-end you need to adjust the GTM installation snippets from public GTM API to custom subdomain of your GTM Server Container.

When using our GTM hosting you can find the updates snippet after clicking "setup" button of the container:

As you can see the snippet now points to custom subdomain. If you prefer you can also manually update existing snippets.

Once new snippets are live the preset is fully activated.

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