How to ensure Google Ads Enhanced Conversion is enabled?

As 3rd party cookies are no longer a viable tracking option advertising platforms are coming up with solutions that can improve detection who is converting in paid campaigns.

1. Ensure Google Ads Conversion preset is up to date

If you are unsure repeat steps 3-5 from following guide:

How to measure Google Ads Conversion with WooCommerce?

Pay special attention to variables Google Ads Conversion ID and Google Ads Conversion Label to avoid resetting their values.

2. Ensure user_data event is enabled

Navigate to WP Admin > Settings > Google Tag Manager and ensure user_data event is checked:

3. Enable Enhanced Conversion in Google Ads

Finally, navigate to Google Ads account. Select Goals > Conversion > Summary and the conversion you want to enable Enhanced Conversion for. In first view called Details click last box called Enhanced Conversion and ensure the checkbox is checked. If needed save the settings.

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