How to install Multilingual add-on for Google Tag Manager for WooCommerce?

Multilingual add-on extends base GTM plugin with complete coverage of supported multilingual plugins. This means capability of tracking new events:

  • language
  • change_language
  • change_currency

This add-on plugin requires:

  • Google Tag Manager for WooCommerce PRO
  • one of supported multilingual plugin

1. Install and configure Google Tag Manager for WooCommerce PRO

First, make sure that Google Tag Manager for WooCommerce PRO plugin is up and live in your WooCommerce shop. You can follow this guide to ensure everything is installed correctly.

2. Ensure you have supported plugins

Currently, our extension supports the following multilingual plugins:

Please make sure that one of them is installed and activated in your store.

3. Install Multilingual add-on plugin

Now install Multilingual add-on plugin. Navigate to WP-Admin Plugins section and upload plugin ZIP file. Install and activate it. After activation, new events should appear in the list of available events in the settings of the main Google Tag Manager for WooCommerce PRO plugin:

4. Optionally update GTM presets

Make sure you have imported the latest versions of our presets into your Google Tag Manager container. You should see the "GA4 Ecommerce Change Currency" and "GA4 Ecommerce Change Language" triggers on the list of triggers in Google Tag Manager:

4. New events are ready

The extension introduces two new events: "change_language" and "change_currency":

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