How to integrate Facebook / Meta Pixel with WooCommerce?

End-to-end guide on integrating Facebook / Meta Tracking Pixel with WooCommerce shop.

Using Facebook/Meta Pixel is crucial for optimising ad campaigns on this Social platform. It allows to track and measure campaign performance and ensure conversion goals are met.

This guide will show you how easily integrate your WooCommerce shop with Facebook Pixel using Google Tag Manager as integration layer and Google Tag Manager for WooCommerce plugin.

1. Download and import GTM preset

Follow this guide and select Facebook Pixel Basic or Advanced (use Advanced if you are using PRO version of the plugin) preset and then import fbp-basic.json or fbp-advanced.json.

2. Optionally create Facebook / Meta Pixel

If you haven't created created a tracking pixel before, please do it now following official Meta guide.

3. Get the Facebook / Meta Pixel ID

Once you have imported the preset please find your Facebook Pixel ID, by navigating to: and then selecting Data Sources > Pixels. Then find the correct Pixel that you already have or have created in the previous step and copy its ID.

4. Set Facebook Pixel ID in GTM

Get back into GTM workspace, navigate to Variables and find FBP Pixel ID variable. Then edit the variable and paste the ID found in the previous step, then save the change.

4. Review and publish changes

Review and submit your GTM workspace changes by hitting the Submit button. You can now navigate to Event Manager in Facebook Business Manager to see Pixel test events and debugger to confirm if the setup works fine.

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